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Beijing golddu Law Firm is a large-sized partnership law firm established under the approval from Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China as well as Beijing Judicial Bureau. With its head office in Beijing and by implementing the partners’ conception of “Continuous Innovation and Pursuing Excellence”, Beijing golddu Law Firm is preparing to establish nationwide offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chongqing, Qingdao, Nanning, Wuhan and Baotou.

Beijing golddu Law Firm is located in No. 15Business Mansion, West SOHO of CBD, neighboring Beijing High Law Court, Beijing Arbitration Commission, China World Trade Centre, CCTV and BTV. Wonderful location provides much convenience and benefits to its operation.

All attorneys in golddu Law Firm are graduated from prestigious Chinese universities, such as People’s University of China (RUC), Peking University, China University of Political Science and Law and Nankai University with master or PhD degrees and working experience from law courts or procuratorate. Some of expert attorneys are also members of China Law Society, Beijing Bar Association and other professional institutes for legal research or legal book writing.

Leading by managing partner, Mr. DU Zhixiang, golddu Law Firm is currently concentrating on foreign investment, international trade, corporate legal, foreign arbitration, litigation and IPR protection. By working for enterprises and individual as perennial legal counsels or legal advisors, attorneys in golddu are assisting investors in choosing investment area, analyzing markets, to researching and managing corporate legal issues as well as assisting on business negotiation or public relations, handling arbitrations and litigations in order to maintain lawful rights and benefits for each clients.

Under the situation of globalization, golddu Law Firm is with the capacity of handling all kinds of complicated legal disputes and issues by team management, especially on handling foreign-related civil legal dispute. To date, Mr. Du is serving in the following enterprises as perennial legal counsel: Keecorp Group (Korea), TAT Co., Ltd. (Korea), NEXTPAK Co., Ltd. (Korea), T.B2 Group (Korea), YESYOUNG Co., Ltd. (Korea), Hong Kong Metropolis International Group Co., Ltd., British Virgin Island Investment Co., Ltd., and Hong Kong IFCC, etc.

“Be Faithful to Clients, Diligent on Work” is the practicing conception raised and insisted by golddu Law Firm. Attorneys in golddu Law Firm will constantly carry on this conception to continuously improve the service quality and to maximally realize personal value in serving clients.

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